Autoreboot ePMP1000


I am writing again because we are having problems in another cluster ePMP1000 equipped with 2 ePMP100 and 5 PMP100.
He commented that one AP ePMP1000 is installed long ago, with more than 60 clients connected, the firmware verison 2.6 without problems.
The second AP, installed one week ago, when customers connect two Force 180, with firmware version 2.6 began to be restarted laeatoria way, and also stops responding for periods of 1 hour until restarts alone. (Without customers came to UpTime 150 Hours, now does not exceed 10am).
AP unfortunately that does not have records Crashlog, you will have some information about this problem ?? We have already installed another cluster that also in this week and apparently has the same problem.
I have also installed the latest beta version who sent me 2.6.2.RC9 but the problem persists.
AP Ethernet MAC 00: 04: 56: EC: 24: BF (do not know if this batch of equipment will have some hardware problem or purely firmware).

2 times I've accessed the AP GUI is restarted.

Hi Cowper,

Apologies for the late reply on this. This is not an issue that I've heard of from other networks and I'd like to get to the bottom of it with you. Please send all the details you have here to, and copy me ( We will investigate the issue and try to resolve it with you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.



excuse me , where did you get the latest beta version 2.6.2.RC9 ?? what changes there are in this version ?