AUX POE Limit (Daisy Chain)

I'm curious how far you can reliably go using POE passthrough AUX port. 

I need to put a PMP450 and 2 ePMP 1000s  (one integrated, one connectorized with an omni) in a hard to get to spot.

Do I need 2 POEs or can I get by with one?

Many thanks!

Using the standard power supply with ePMP 1000, it's AUX port can only supply about 7w, so, assuming that you're not using a really long run of cable off the AUX, you'll only be able to plug the 1000 radio in (7.5w), but not the PMP450 SM (9-12w depending on the band). There has been talk about using a higher wattage power supply which could potentially allow you to plug more devices in. There's a thread about it HERE.

I would of course try this all on a lab bench, along with the desired cable lengths before actually putting anything out in the field.

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We have plugged 450SMs (both 5GHz and 3.6GHz) into the aux port on a regular connectorized 5GHz ePMP 1000 radio in AP mode connected to an omni for super-small micro-POPs. Using a Laird POE-24iR (800ma). We have a dozen or so deployed and they work fine.

I definitely would not try to daisy chain three radios together.

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Thanks Eric & George!

I have several deployments out there all ready that are with a PMP450 3.6 SM connected to a ePMP 1000 in PTP Master mode... Hope these hold up!