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What type of PoE does the ePMP Integrated radio generate on Secondary/Auxiliary Port?
Last Updated: Oct 07, 2013
Answer: Canopy proprietary 30V PoE (Pins 4,5 = RET, Pins 7,8 = V+) but be aware that 5Watts are being consumed already so the most you can source is approximately 7W.

Question: is this limitation within the ePMP, or can we overcome it somewhat by providing a beefier power supply?



The auxiliary port is not enabled by default and there’s no GUI control as of the latest release.

The PoE sourced out of the auxiliary port will be 30V “Canopy” style > +V on pins 7 & 8 and return on pins 4 & 5.
The maximum power that can be sourced out the auxiliary port using the enclosed 10/100 Phihong power suppply is 8 watts. However, there is no over current protection so if the more than 8 Watts are consumed it will fold back the Phihong power supply and consequently bring down the radio.

Thank you for your response, but you seem to have simply restated the original post about which I was asking my question.

To restate my question somewhat, if I deploy a higher capacity power supply, can I draw more than 7-8W over the aux PoE, or will that risk the board?



Due to a CAT5 cable length limitation using 2 pairs, you can use a “beefier” supply and at that point the only limitation is the pass switch maximum power sourcing capability within the radio. That limit is about 20 Watts(At 30V).

So if you add 7W for the radio plus 13W(at 30V) for the Auxiliary load then the maximum size power supply should be > 20W @ 30V.

Hope that helps.

How do i enable the POE function in the secondary port? is a GUI implementation planned?


The auxiliary port is not enabled by default and there’s no GUI control as of the latest release.


POE out of an EPMP1000 SM is 30V or 24V ?

Can I power for example an ubiquiti LOCO from the aux port?

If yes, what is the correct cable pinout?

i have the same doubt

You can power a loco, or any other ubnt 24v device from the aux port. Swap the brown and blue pairs and your good to go.