Average Ping Time in PMP

What is the average ping/latency on a ePMP1000 connectorized AP with 30/40 subscribers ?
Does the average ping/latency changes if the device is synchronized or not ?

Great question.

Please look at our ePMP Link budget Tool/calculator under the “ePMP Supporting documents and articles” area of our support center. (URL : https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp )
This calculator will give you the latency for your specific situation or configuration.

Hi Corey;
Thanks for your answer.
I see that even in ideal conditions we will have about 40ms ping time with only 30subs/sector.

Is there anything on the roadmap to reduce these values in the future ?

Yes. We will so be releasing a new unsynchronized scheduler mode which reduces the latency to a lower value than what it is today. Stay tuned!

Update: With System Release 1.2.3 and later, Flexible Scheduler mode is now available with much lower ping times.