Azimuth settings, critical or no?

So when I setup a new CN or DN the software asks for the azimuth, is this critical or just a reference information piece ? Is there any negative effect if it is slightly or wildly wrong ?


Its just for the map. Does not affect the link at all.

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Hi Glenn,

As Dave says, this value is for display purposes only. It can however be very useful when growing the network if you can see the correct V5000 sector orientation in the map view.


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In my experience with the network so far, accurate records are VERY IMPORTANT! Showing correct azimuths on the map help resolve the picture of your network in your mind, and allows you to see right away if your link from your CN or mesh DN should be to sector1 (right side on the map) or sector 2 (left side on the map) of your v5000. The cnWave network certainly follows the axiom “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.