B/H Interferance Questions


I know this is a canopy site but I am wondering if anyone has experience with RAD Airmux 200’s as their tech support seems to be useless. And I can’t seem to find any other good wireless forums about.

I have a couple of problem sites both sites I have recommended replacing the links with Moto BH30’s anyway they don’t seem to be interested in upgrading.

Site 1

5.4 Airmux 200 Link working well in the highest modulation mode no interference on the 5.4 band whatsoever and seems to drop every couple of months due to poor quality at one end. And then it seems to scan for Radar on each channel before the Ethernet service opens again. Sometimes I have to log on and put the thing into install mode to establish a link again. Personally I think it is a problem with the DFS / Radar avoidance on firmware v1.625 any thoughts?

Site 2

5.8 Link about 1.2 KMS very near line of site sitting on 13MBPS synchronous so second top modulation mode and it seems to be knocked off by interference once a day for the last few weeks. This link basically runs some VOIP, Web traffic and Terminal services so 2MBPS would be quite adequate as long as it is reliable. My question is if we are running at the standard channel B/W of 20 MHZ would it be more or less venerable to interference if I set it to 5 or 10 MHZ provided it would work well on the lower channel B/W. I’m using fixed channel as the DFS on these things seems to only like to find worse channels not better ones.

Or is a Moto 30 BH using 6MHZ going to be less venerable to interference than a 60 BH using 12 MHZ as from what I’ve heard the Spectra 300’s seem to be more venerable at 30 MHZ Channel B/W compared to the Gemini 30’s or 60’s.

Cheers Sam

if you dont find this forum useful in your search you can also go here: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/wisp