Back haul fades

We have a Bh link that is 20 miles, we have a 4’ dish on one side and a reflector on the other. the power level is 55 Rssi 1069 jitter of 1
sometimes at night or when it is cold my power level will go up to 77 and drop the connection. any suggestions?

What version & BH r u on…? Mee too is facing problem. Not sure but we had the some problem , which got sorted out , but now since last 2 days we see RSSI ropping & than registration/Re-registration etc happening & link drops

In day time link works 100 % .

I am not sure if this is a verion problem , we r on 7.0.7

we are running 7.2.9 on the 20 mile hop we also have a 13 mile hop that is rock solid.

I have not had any trouble for the last 2 days. It only happens sometimes. I thought the power level should stay the same, even if we are getting interferance from other backhauls.

using P9 boards and the newest firmware there is an option to switch back to modulation 10mbps in case of low power level. in 10mbps modulation you have about 5-10 more sensitivity

The last two nights my power level has faded from 55 to 80 almost losing my 10meg connection(20milelink)
I also lost my 9mile link for a short time?

am I the only one with this problem?

U have mentioned that u have another 9 mile link also .

Can u explain how & what directions these links cater to & what freuency each backhaul link is on ?

& whether they have cmm…?