Back Haul fades

I have asked the question before, maybe some else has had a simuliar problem and corrected it.

I am running p-9 5.7 backhauls 20 miles apart I have tried 7.1.4, 7.3.6 and have them at 7.2.9 at this time. we are running 2x in hws
rssi-1154 jitter 4 pwr level-54
link test is 100% up and down

about 4 times a year in the evening ( doesn’t seem to be temp related) my signal will start to fade at the peek of the problem or pwr level of -79 my back haul will drop connection. It is like my slave is no longer there. In about an hour it will reregister at -79 in 10 mins my pwr level is back to -54

I have tested both sides for interference there is non. It’s almost like someone put a wall between them and then removes it.

and Idea’s would be welcomed and apriciated

Does it happen long enough for you to get to the BH, flip to to slave and run a spectrum analysis?

I wonder if there is any actual noise when this is happening.

Yes, over the last 2 years. we even put up a backup set just to see if one of the units where having trouble. During peek time they don’t see each other either. I have not detected any new traffic on the freq that we are running.

Sorry, Yes we have tested the spectrum at both ends. Changed all cables. went to a 4’ dish on one end and 2’ on the other.

The backup set are on the moto reflectors. they work great! we hoped the addition of the larger dishes and stronger levels would help when it started to fade. :frowning: not one bit… I do have a spare now

Are you saying you have second link that works fine all the time?

No. we don’t leave it running. It doesn’t work either when we are having the fade trouble.
I have switch to alinment mode, doesn’t even see it. I have test from both units. Switch the master to a slave and the slave to a master during the test. no difference.

I’m with Jerry. Get to the unit during failure and run a spectrum analysis while it won’t connect. That’s probably your only chance to see what’s messing with you.

Does this link shoot over a body of water?

I have tested the spectrum at both ends, during this time. no difference


Just out of curiosity, is your master BH collocated with anything?

1- 2.4 cyclone 120
1-5.7 back haul, oposite direction other end of spectrum

FYI-I had this fade problem before installing the other backhaul

Is this on a CMM? Have you tried a different port?

This is bizarre

Yes. There is a cmm on the master and slave side

On the Slave side there are
3-cyclones 2.4
1-Back haul 5.7

Tried a different port.

Have you checked that you can log into the radios even when the link drops or are you just looking from the master side?

I.E. have you driven to the the remote site when the link is down and logged into the slave and see if the radio is actually up?

All I can say is “That’s messed up!”

don’t give up!

We have eliminated a number of things are not the problem.

… exactly the same thing happens to me too, with almost identical setup:
10Mbit BH’s, HWS, 7.2.9
Jitter 1
dBm -49
Just as clueless described, suddenly the link begins to fade, and there are times when it loses connection for a few minutes. Notice that the whole fade-out fade-in process lasts more than 60 minutes!
This problem is more frequent during the summer between 8 p.m and 2 a.m. There is no water near this link, but there are high voltage (110KV) power lines in the Fresnel zone… This may be a stupid question, but can it be some kind of ionization related problem…?

Please post:

Sockets Stats
RF Stat
RF CB Stat
Bridge CB Stat

Are you running the BH is SWS or HWS? Or have you tryed both?

Also is it possible it’s Solar Related? Since it only happens a few times a year?

It’s been 2years I haven’t give up yet.

RF Statistics
Transmit Unicast Data Count 48244981
Transmit Broadcast Data Count 268638
Receive Unicast Data Count 40942055
Receive Broadcast Data Count 35149
Transmit Control Count 11
Recieve Control Count 9
In Sync Count 1
Out of Sync Count 0
Overrun Count 0
Underrun Count 0
Late Contention Count 0
Out of Range Up Sched 0
Receive Corrupt Data Count 0
Receive Bad Broadcast Control Count 0
PLL Out of Lock Count 0
Old Format Beacon Received 0
Tx Calibration Failures 0
Bad In Sync ID Received 0
Attempt Xmt MultiFrag Cntl Count 0
Temperature Out of Range 0
RSSI Out of Range 0
Range Cap Enforced 0
Rcv LT Start 0
Rcv LT Start HS 1
Rcv LT Result 1
Xmt LT Result 0
HiQ Put 37
HiQ Get 37
HiPut No pHiQ 0

General Sockets Task Statistics
Request for Config Rcv 3
Config Response Xmt 3
Advanced Xmt Cnt 6
Advanced Rcv Cnt 9
Undefined UDP Rcv 0
UpdateSM Xmt 0
Challenge Rcv Cnt 0
TChallenge Rcv Cnt 0
Sess Rcv Cnt 0
TSess Rcv Cnt 0
DropSess Rcv Cnt 0
TDropSess Rcv Cnt 0
QESN Rcv Cnt 0
Sockets Task LUID 2 Statistics
Request for Config Rcv 3
Config Response Xmt 3
Undefined UDP Rcv 0
UpdateSM Xmt 0
Advanced Comm Center Initiator Info For LUID 2
Advanced Xmt Cnt 6
Used MID 00000002
Unblock MID 00000003
Quit Retry 00000003
Cur Sequence Number 2
Advanced Comm Center Slave Info For LUID 2
Advanced Rcv Cnt 9
Block MID 00000006

RF Control Block Statistics
inoctects Count 2455827274
inucastpkts Count 40965459
Innucastpkts Count 35170
indiscards Count 0
inerrors Count 0
inunknownprotos Count 0
outoctets Count 0
outucastpktsCount 0
outnucastpkts Count 0
outdiscards Count 25724
outerrors Count 0

Bridge FEC Stats Bridge NI1 Stats (FEC PNA)
FEC bin 268987 NI1 bin 1
FEC bout 35176 NI1 bout 253532
FEC btoss 0 NI1 btoss 0
FEC uin 48138847 NI1 uin 180189(179576)
FEC uout 40800009 NI1 uout 179576(179576)
FEC utoss 8639 NI1 utoss 0
Bridge RF Stats Bridge NI2 Stats (RF PNA)
RF bin 35178 NI2 bin 0
RF bout 278298 NI2 bout 3
RF btoss 0 NI2 btoss 0
RF uin 40977155 NI2 uin 21(21)
RF uout 48308276 NI2 uout 18
RF utoss 0 NI2 utoss 0
Bridge Error Stats Bridge NI3 Stats (RF Public PNA)
ErrNI1QSend 0 NI3 bin 0
ErrNI2QSend 0 NI3 bout 0
ErrBridgeFull 0 NI3 btoss 0
ErrSendMsg 0 NI3 uin 0
ErrApFecQSend 0 NI3 uout 0
ErrApRfQSend 0 NI3 utoss 0
Bridge Sniffing Stats
Sniffed IP Pkts 0
Discarded ARP 0
Sniffed Mac Pkts 0