Back haul problem

I have a problem with a couple of my back hauls.The both are running sof ware version 6.1.The problem is that every 3-4 weeks the Back haul master freezes up and no data is passed, but the back haul slave stays registered, the problem brings down quite a large portion of the network.
Anyone ever had this problem is there a solution?

I’ve experienced a similar situation with APs and SMs where the SM is registered to the AP but I couldn’t ping or browse the AP from either the registered SM’s or the AP’s Ethernet ports. My guess was the problem was related to very brief power blips. A power cycle on the AP always fixed the problem. I’d suggest you start by testing your UPS, or adding one if you don’t already have one installed.

I also have occasional problems with the master end of a BH link during thunderstorms. The slave, however, is far enough away I’ve never checked to see if it’s still registered, I just power-cycle the master.