Back Sector SMs interference with Front Sector SMs in Frequency reuse ePMP2000

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Can u pls technically advice me for how to slove Front and Back Sector SMs are interference each other issue in Frequency reusing ePMP2000 2 x APs . Pls see detial info for my attach screen shots . 

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Are the sector antennas that you're using have a minimum of 30dB front to back ratio?

What are your AP's Subscriber Module Target Receive Levels set to?

Lastly, how do you know that you're having interference issues? Are clients reporting issues or are you seeing low throughput to the clients?

It's normal to have eDetect 'hear' AP's and SM's on the same channel in back to back frequency reuse and show up on the list as interferers... you just don't want the signals to be too strong. I would not consider your eDetect list to be horrible. Htetzayar is too hot though @ -38dBm... you'll want to make sure your AP's Sub Module Target Receieve Level is set to something like -60dBm.


Dear Eric Ozrelic,

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1) Our ePMP2000 Antena Part No is C050900D021A ,  Front to Back Ratio is 35dB

2) Subscriber Module Target Receive Levels set to -55 dBm

3) Knowing issue with some SM are disconnected automatically from Sector AP 

4) Noted , i will adjust the Subscriber Module Target Receive Levels set to -60 dBm

5) Can u share me your email contact ? Pls 

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