Backhaul downlink settings

Can someone tell me if this makes sense? We have our bandwidth coming to the tower and then backhaul to another tower. We have the BH master at the remote location and the slave where the bandwidth comes in. We had set the master to a 75% downlink, do I want to reverse that and have it at 25% downlink since the master is at the remote tower?

run a speed test at the remote tower and you will know which you want :stuck_out_tongue:

how is this remote tower getting timed?

is the bh slave @ a cmm or timed from anything else? are you recieving timing from the remote site and passing it to something else?

The master is getting timed at the remote site. The baster gets timed through the master then.

Downlink % is from AP to SM or from BHM to BHS

So in your case, you will want 25% of the bandwidth going from the BHM to the BHS (leaving 75% going from the BHS to the BHM).