Backhaul downlink %

What does everyone set their downlink % at when connecting clusters? Is the default of 50% best or should these be set to the 75/25 just like the APs?

We use 75%, however you would set this to fit your network. In most cases it will be 75% simply because you want to get more BW to the subscribers.

Keep in mind that this is not in sync with the AP’s.
- The AP is 75% from the cluster down to the SM
- The BH is 75% up to the cluster.

This is why it’s difficult to colocate BH’s and AP’s in the same band.


Can you elaborate on that? I’m not quite sure what you mean.

We have a (6) AP cluster using (3) channels are that 20 MHz apart. We have a backhaul in the same band (5.7) that is only 15 MHz apart from the AP’s that are highest in frequency in the cluster. There is about 100’ vertical seperation from the AP’s and the BH. The BH has a reflector on it. All AP’s and the BH are set to 50%, and everything is timed by a CMM. We have no isses.

In your case you would be in sync because everything is 50%.

AP --> 50% downlink to SM
BHM --> 50% downlink to BHS

In a network where a BHS (internet feed) is sending 75% of it’s data to a cluster that is sending 75% of it’s data down to an SM needs more attention to frequency and physical separation.

AP --> 75% downlink to SM
BHM --> 25% downlink to BHS