Backhaul Master Session Timeout Parameter

The Facts:

- 5.7 BHM and BHS
- 6.1 firmware in both
- Encryption disabled

The question/problem:

When I log in to the BHM and go to the Session page, I can see the registered BHS. For this session, there is a parameter called “Session Timeout” just like on an AP’s session page for connected SM’s. On my BHM, this parameter is decrementing sequentially by a value of 1, every 1 second. The range is from 15 - 8. For example, from the Sessions page, if I refresh the browser in 1 second increments, I see the value of the “Session Timeout” go from 15, 14, 13, 12…all the way down to 8, sometimes 7. When it hits 8 or 7, it resets back to 15. Almost like a 7 or 8 second clock or count down.

Why is this? The link is extremely stable is does not experience any problems at all. I just came across this yesterday when I was checking the status of some things. I know that if encryption is enabled, the link will drop once every 24 hours to re-calculate a key, but in my case encryption is disabled. I wanted to enable encryption to see if this made any changes, but I figured I would post first to prevent any down time on our network.