backhaul quesitons

hello all

we are setting up a new tower and it is almost directly behind one of our existing towers but is 500m higher we want to go from our broadcast office to the new towrer with a back haul but do not want to interfer with the existing backhaul to to tower that is in the middle.

we do not want to relay from the one to the other because of lease coast for the tower in the middle which we are just leasing space on.

any help appreciated.

use two diffarent bands. What are you using now for ap’s and bh’s 2.4 5.7 5.2 900? If you are using 5.7 ap’s go with one shot at 5.2 and the other at 2.4

If we have a 2.4 and 5.2 AP in the middle of the path, will there be interference if you use 2.4 or 5.2 BH’s that will pass “through or near” the site?

Site 1 ---------- 2.4/5.2AP/5.7BH’s------------- Site 2.
Site 3

We need to get a BH link from Site 1 to site 2. We tried 5.7 bh’s but they conflicted with the 5.7 BH’s on site 3 that go to each site. This will be our redundant link.

I know you need more info, just don’t have all the freq’s right off bat.