Backhaul registered but not passing data?

We have a 2.4BH20 on firmware 9.3 that will show that it’s registered, however we cannot get to the other side of the backhaul or any equipment on the other side. Essentially it is registered but not allowing any data through, then once we reboot the backhaul it will start working again.
Anyone else have this problem?


We have swapped out both of the 2.4BH20 for 5.7BH20.
On the closest side of the link we have also swapped out the cable & CMM. We have not swapped out the cable on the remote side.

However whenever we stop passing data through the link, all we have to do is log into the closest side of the link (which still says it’s registered) and reboot it, then everything comes back on the remote side.

Would swapping out cable & CMM on the remote side fix anything?

Log into the radio and look at the Ethernet stats to see if there are errors - I am guessing there are.

That would indicate a likely cable problem.

Interesting. I experienced the same thing after upgrading a set of bh’s from 8.2.4 to 9.4. In this case they were 20meg 57’s. This link has been up for years without issue and then 2 days after the update this happens. It’s only happened once so far, but could be an issue with the software version. I updated 4 other sets of bhs at the same time and they have not yet had an issue, but I’ll post if they do.