Backhauls and 7.1

Reading a previous thread it was mentioned that Moto does not recommend putting firmware greater than version 7.1 into backhauls for various reasons.

My question is, does hardware scheduling actually exist on backhaul links using P8 boards? If so, are there any real benefits, or is it “just there”? Any experiences with enabling hardware scheduling on BH links?

As I understand it, P8 hardware will NOT support hardware scheduling.

Canopy Support could confirm that though.


Even if the P8 boards did support HW scheduling, what would be the point with a BH? What’s the latency on a 20 Mbps link, 2ms? I don’t think hardware scheduling could lessen that, and I don’t think it would change the throughput number to anything higher than 14 Mbps either.

It just gets confusing after awhile when you see these options on the radio GUIs for features that are basically non-existent to certain versions of the devices.

I see your point about how HWS would improve a backhaul set. Not sure on that one.

I’m not sure the option would appear if the radio didn’t support it - such as the HWS schedule option in older APs and SMs.


The benefit is the ability to rate adapt between 10/20 Mbps. So instead of forcing it to one or the other it will run at 20(4-level), if it senses issues at 20 it can adapt down to run at 10 (2-level).

So it is benefitial to run HWS on BH’s if you have P9’s.

And there you have it, sports fans, directly from the experts… :smiley:


What about BH20s I bought in May which are P8 hardware?