Backhauls and Session Counts

It seems like I might have read this before but I wanted to confirm. It seems like with most of our BH20 & BH10 backhauls, that there is a session count for every day the backhaul is connected. Is this normal and if so does anyone know why?

this is not normal.

I would guess that the power cycles every day. Look at the log file and see if there is an external watchdog reset.

sounds like the encryption is on

This happens on pretty much all of our backhauls and I know the power isn’t cycling on 12+ backhauls.

Why would having encryption on cause this?

because it drops the link once a day to change the encryption and i think if you have more than one frequency checked it takes longer for it to link back.

Aaaaahhhhhh…ok. What’s the consensus, does everyone else out there use encryption on the backhauls?

we found that problem when our cellular backhauls would drop the calls everyday at the same time, so we turned the encryption off and problem went away