Backhauls faster than 300Mbps

What other companies does everyone know of that has backhauls faster than Motorolas?

Bridgewave comes to mind.

What kind of distances are you looking at? Depending on the distance, you can use the Bridgewave or you can step up into real microwave and go Alcatel and aggregate radios together to get fast throughputs on longhaul links.

It’s a real short distance, mile or two tops.

I was told by a dustributor that he had 3gb dragonwave radios

That short of a distance I’d go with Bridgewave.

60GHz or 80GHz.

The 80GHz stuff is licensed.

i have used the dragon wave with good sucsess.


…Or you could look at an Optical Wireless Bridge which are in the GB data transfer range.

Trango has some licensed radios that are very fast and reasonably priced.


Has anyone had any experience with the Trango radios on Licensed bands??