Backup Sync Selection

One of our customers had intermittent GPS Sync on their CMM Micro over the past (4) days. To get them back up and running ASAP we put their spare Micro in place. I will be taking back the original Micro to the bench to see if it is the GPS Receiver or the Micro itself.

When troubleshooting today I thought of a nice feature that should be included in the programming for AP’s and BHM’s. Why not have a field for “Backup Sync Selection”. For example, if AP’s or BHM’s are set to receive their sync via the power port on a Micro or through the Sync port on an old CMM, why not be able to choose a secondary form of sync, i.e. Generate Sync. This way in the event that the site loses GPS, the radios can automatically revert to their backup method of sync so the entire system is not down until the GPS can be fixed.

It would also be nice if the radios could then revert back to their “original” form of sync when the GPS comes back online.

I think this feature would prevent an entire cluster from going down in the event of a GPS failture. Imagine how impacted ALL of our systems would be if GPS was down for days?