Backup up 450 configs without web gui

I currently have a a significant amount of APs in production (>50) that did not have their configs backed up at the time of install. A good portion of this inventory is aged and I fear it is time to consider the inevitable.

The time involved to pull all of these configs manually from the web GUI does not sound too pleasant.

I am seeking a method to automate the backup process through a script but I cant even find where the configs are stored on module when I log into it from a console.

I've searched the forums here but have not come up with much.

Has anyone had any experience with this or found a working solution?

Thanks for your help.

You could add all your AP's to CNUT and run the 'Gather Customer Support Information' tool, which will give you the config for each AP... it won't be in a config file however... but you can look at the support files (the one you want is engineering.xml) and manually re-enter the data into a replacement radio.