backward compatability

Im not sure if this question has been answered but i thought i was ask since i was unable to find an answer.

We are stll using the pmp100 platform and are ready to upgrade but we would like to do it in steps. If we install a cluster of these on a tower, will they work on the pmp100 subscriber modules until i install epmp1000 SMs on all the customers homes one by one?

If it will work, what kind of throughput would be utilized from the APs in the meantime? The pmp100 APs can handle 14mbps, i know i wouldnt be able to utilize 200mbps with fsk but it would be nice if there was a bit more available until Sms are replaced.

There is a white page specific to co-locating PMP100 and ePMP as well as a co-location tool.

ePMP and PMP 100 Co-location and migration recommendations guide
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ePMP-PMP 100(FSK) Co-location Calculator
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ePMP-PMP 100(FSK) Co-location Calculator - Excel 97-2004.xls
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Thank you.

So just to clarify,

the epmp1000 will work with the pmp 100s as long as its configured properly?

Yes, however it takes some planning. 

The main issue is to make sure that you change the frame size on ePMP to 2.5ms. Then use the calculator to makes sure your settings are correct etc. 

2.5ms is only available on >= ver 2.5


Let me clarify. ePMP 1000 will NOT interoperate with PMP 100. In other words, a PMP 100 SM will NOT register to an ePMP 1000 AP and vice versa. They are two different technologies (FSK vs. OFDM) and are not compatible.

The White paper folks have posted on here provides recommendations on how to migrate a PMP 100 deployment to ePMP. It provides details on how to colocate both types of radios using GPS sync and migrate completely to ePMP 1000. This does not mean you can interoperate between them . 



Hey Geraldthunder, I sat on a panel discussing how to sync PMP100 and ePMP. Take a look at my presentation to get ideas on how to transition from PMP100 to ePMP.

Thank you everyone for the wealth of knowledge you have given me.

Any tips on how to migrate over? Would i do it 2 APs at a time as well as all the customers on those Aps until eventually all 6 APs are changed over? 

I plan on installing another tower in a less cluttered area with about 40 customers that could utilize the pmp100 ap cluster better than my congested area that needs higher throughput like the 450 or epmp1000 can offer.

if you're wanting to work with the 5ghz band its easy, deploy the new cluster of 5ghz gear, make sure you don't channel overlap and setup your APs properly for re-use if you are going to be using reusing channels.

2ghz is a bit of a trick. there are a few way to do it.   ether dumping all of your 2.4 subs to a single pmp 100 omni, and configuring your new cluster as you'd like it to stay without overlapying your omni  (only doable for very low dense situations)

another option is to power down a pair of your APs after installing and setup youre entire new epmp gear, setting up your new epmp to work on 5 mhz channels so you have get the space, and have all 360 covered. and push as many of the pmp100 subs as you can to an adjasent panels, change those having trouble first and then change them all.   once you're done making the changes, open up the channel widths to what you are wanting to run on the EPMP and power down the old pmp100 gear.   

5mhz channel space will give you slightly more speed then you currently have, but when finished you can press a few buttons and have plenty more.