Bad Antenna or Interference?

Could a bad Omni possibly have good downlink signal levels and bad uplink signal levels?

Something like -80 on the AP side and -55 on the SM side?


more likely it is the canopy ap itself rather than the omni antenna. we have had this problem a couple of times and have had to replace the ap entirely.

Could the AP be bad out of the box? It’s less than 2 weeks old.

i guess its possible but unlikely, run a spectrum from both ends(ie. the sm and ap sides) and double check to make sure it is not interference. if everything looks clean maybe try a different frequency? i would exhaust all efforts to solve from configuration before sending ap back.

If it’s a pacwireless omni than I would suspect that as the culprit. I’ve got two of them deployed - it took 5 tries to get working antennas. Needless to say, I’m all MTI now for base station gear.

You might want to check your coax jumpers / lightning protection as well. A kinked cable can adversely affect signal.

The AP could be going deaf.