Bad behavior VLAN with correct Wimax Link


We are having several issues in our PMP430 Network. Our services is configured by VLAN (management, Internet, Intranet…). Sometimes one of the services is down while others are working ok. Perhaps you have management but not Internet… or vice versa.

We think that’s because of interference signals near the PMP430, could it be? But only affects a part of the network and not always the same?

In the client site, with a CISCO router, we see sometimes logs of %OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 1, Nbr 176.x.x.x on FastEthernet4.100 from 2WAY to DOWN, Neighbor Down: Dead timer expired. At the time we see these logs we know there are interference on the signal and we must change the configuration of the PMP430 to avoid this situation. But the bad behavior with the VLAN are not always joined to these logs and even, with a correct Wimax Link, we have problems in the client site (doesn't work)

We work with the firmware 11.2. We are thinking on migrate to 13.4.1, perhaps is fixed these issues?

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I am not aware of anything specific to the issue you mention.

However, two actions that I would suggest.  First, upgrade to R13.4.1.  This is the latest and final release for the PMP 430 series of equipment (which was retired last year).  Second, if you continue to suffer issues that you believe are related to equipment faults, you should enter a support ticket at:

I am also unsure what you mean when you say WiMax link... the PMP 430 system is a Cambium proprietary system that operates in either 5.4 or 5.8 GHz frequencies.

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Thank you so much

We are testing these days the new version R.13.4.1 in labo and I suppose we will make this changes to our network. We hope this could improve the problems we have

Excuse me because of “WiMax link”. I mean that we have problems with VLAN that doesn’t work (doesn’t arrive from clients to core network) although we have no link reconnections, no LOS or similar bad link behavior. All seems to be correct but sometimes, the network doesn’t work properly since the AP is rebooted. We hope the R.13.4.1 will solve this situation