Bad Implementation of "Automatically Update Device Software"

If "Automatically Update Device Software" feature is being used, it will not only update the firmware to the version chosen, but also downgrade firmware to the version chosen.

This can be a problem if you're testing features of newer software, in particular, beta releases.

There should be an option to "skip releases newer than selected"


You make a good point.  We will see if an option can be added.  

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Has this behavior changed since this post? We’re looking at turning on this feature for cnPilot R-series.

PS @JLLC does it seem to work fine for you all?

Hi Kelmore,

Auto update feature updates the devices to selected minimum version by user . More flexibility has been provided to user to do this auto update either only for the newly onboarding devices or Managed devices or both. Also user has the provision to select the type of devices that needs to be Auto updated.

It will not touch the devices that are having higher version than the selected version for Auto Update.


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Our complaint was specifically directed at ePMP, but this feature still doesn’t exist.

We stopped using cnPilot equipment.