Bad SM's

I know this topic has been beat to death but I have quiet a few modems that are doing the same thing and I was wondering if there are any tricks you guys found to repairing them rather sending them off for repair.

~5 SM’s are not aiming, registering or even showing anything in the spectrum test. Im assuming something is fubar’d with the antenna.

any suggestions would be helpful.

our last lot have several bad ones, about 6 of them just like you are describing. any ideas would be good

We have had the same problem with a few batches of SM’s, apparently the only way is to send them off to Motorola if they are under warranty. This problem seems to be isoloated to only P10 hardware

We can repair this and all types of Canopy Modules with quick turnaround, and exhaustive burn-in/testing of each radio.

Paul, PDMNet