BAM 1.1 Authentication

Hi, I am very new to Canopy so please excuse my very basic questions.
I need to get Authentication working with an Access Point and Subscriber Module that I have purchased. I now have BAM 1.1 running and I have put in the Access Point and Subscriber Modules but whenever I try to get authentication going, the Subscriber Module drops off the network. It returns when I turn authentication off.
I have read that For BAM 1.1 you will need to get an APAS key and apply it to the AP. Can someone please tell me what is a APAS Key and where do I get one.
Also the Authentication Key - do I just make up a 32 bit number and type it in or does it have to be something specific.

You should contact your distributor and let them know you are running an older version of BAM. BAM 2.0 changes the licensing and doesnt use APAS keys.