BAM 2.0 and Linux releases.

Hello All,

BAM works well con CENT os 3.4

I was just going to download RedHat 4

I’ll try this first.

Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications

Have you tried CentOS4 with BAM or CNUT?

I have it running on FreeBSD 5.3, but I wouldn’t recommend this unless you REALLY know your way around both Linux ES and FreeBSD. On a related note, the FlexNet tools are available for a variety of platforms directly from Macrovision’s site.

Just finished installing BAM on my centOS Linux Server. centOS is the RedHat OS with all of the RedHat labeling removed. So far so good. Still need to do some bench testing to confirm everything works, but at this point I am fairly confident it will be OK.

Before setting up your BAM server, a couple of suggestions:
1. Read the manual

2. Read it again

3. Read it one more time

4. Don’s use postgreSQL - use mySQL - I tried it first with postgreSQL and it did not work. if you use centOS, mySQL is an option during installation. Don’t forget to start the mySQL service once your Linux install is done.

5. If you are using centOS instead of RedHat - you have to cange the BAM install script so that it will not look for the RedHad Version of the Database (remove rh- from the filename the script is looking for). NOTE: if you do use centOS, you will not get any support from Canopy during your installation - you are on your own.

6. Install 2 NIC’s - 1 for the public IP, 1 for the Private IP - alternately you can wait, at some point Canopy hopes to have a fix for the Public IP issues.

Good luck
Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications

You may install redhat-version RPM on centos. if you do it on this way dont need to edit any bam file. on Centos run BAM and CNUT perfect!!