BAM 2.0 and RODOPI

Is anyone on this forum using BAM 2.0 and RODOPI? I am wanting to integrate a WISP to our billing system. Is there anything that I need to worry about, watch out for, limitations?


We use RODOPI for our dialup billing and wanted to use it for our Canopy customers as well. Unfortuinately, we have not upgraded RODOPI in a while and are now several versions off current. RODOPI also offers (read “sells”) a Canopy module that allows RODOPI and BAM to play nicely together.

When you add the cost of upgrading with the cost of the Canopy module it equals “not cost affective” for us.

We still have RODOPI generate the bills and what-not, but we keep it synced with BAM manually.

We are in the exact same situation. when I found out how much RODOPI wanted for the upgrade + the canopy module, I told them to forget it! It was going to be another 3K. Plus we are on the cusp of entering the 1000-2000 license. Another $1500. We have been diligently removing closed accounts so we don’t go over at the moment.

RODOPI works great… just not really for small business.