Bam 2.0 not takeing clients

During the last day we have had a problem with out bam 2.0, The bam server will no long take ano clients when set to authenticate to the bam. This bam has been working fine for the longest time and just all of a sudden stoped working. I can still get to the gui and can see all the clients in there allowed ect…

The one change that we did make was we changed from public ip’s to private ip’s just this last week. The Bam server was working after we even had switched to the private ip’s.

When I log into the gui and look at the access points they show up in there just fine so I know the ap’s can get to the bam server but for some reason it wont accept and the clients cant connect to the ap.

Has anyone seen this or could suggest something to try for this?

we had a similar problem, ran a script to restart the entire BAM machine once a day, this seemed to cure the problem, but now it denies SMs on some APs to connect.