BAM 2.0

Is Red Hat Linux Enterprise V3 really required to run BAM 2.0??? This is nuts

Yes It is and belive me I was also shocked when i listen to this but any way i haev successsfully configured Bam 2 with my radius server with the help of Motorolla support help but belive me it was very long process for me.

Saud Hassan

Many many many hours of undocumented hacks later I got BAM 2.0 working on debian testing. This has required me to read through a LOT of strace logs, system logs, and recompile many specific versions of libraries. My next task is to try to make it work on Gentoo, this one I plan to document everything I do and submit it to the devs so hopefully they can later make a non red hat version.

So yes it will work on other distros, but it is not a hard task. Its is very difficult.


Here’s my findings on distro support. Motorola officially supports RHEL only (we all know this). What this translates to is this: if someone has BAM running on a non-RHEL server, then Motorola support always has the option of saying “the problem you are having is due to not running the supported version of Linux, good-by.”

As mattmann has attested to, BAM will install on other distros (non-RPM based ones even). But Motorola will not (and cannot) provide “take my hand and walk me throgh” style support on anything save RHEL.

This is very dissapointing to read.

It isn’t that Debian (or other dists) are particularly special. It sounds like bad programming to me that apps won’t work on Java and Perl when it’s simple to tell either to load custom classes/modules/libraries directly. *nix fully supports multiple versions of libraries.

The only issue here should be LibC5 or LibC6.

After many hours on Debian and MDK, I ended up having problem to find the DB.php file. Where is this file from?
Why is such a ‘simple’ application making so big trouble? It’s really not worth the money Motorola is asking for!
Is there anybody who will be so kind and share some hint’s, please?