BAM-a-lam-a....UH OH!

Hey folks,

Been having a strange issue with our PrizmEMS Server. For the last month or 2 it’s been working fine, but lately it won’t let an new SM’s register to the AP’s. And even one client that WAS working can not register anymore. But the rest of the clients are fine. We haven’t reboot the Server yet, I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem.


are you running on Windows or Linux…

I have not used Prism yet… (will do soon)

I do remember in BAM, there was a log file I used to tail that used to tell me the requests for authrisations from AP’s coming in and then show the replies from the server…

is there a log file you can look through…

Do you have enough licenses ?

My next step would be ethereal on the Prism server to see if the requests are coming and if it is replying to the AP’s… if you can’t be bothered then the 3 finger salute (windows-reboot)


Thanks for the input. We are running Prizm on Linux. I haven’t had a chance to look at the log files. Are the log files within the Prizm program or stored in a directory?

I hope it’s not a license problem, I guess I’ll have to talk to the boss about that, I’m not sure what kind of package he bought.

But why would a client that was already working stop working? His SM is doing the exact same thing as the rest of the new ones we are trying to install. SCANNING…SYNCING…REGISTERING…SCANNING…Yet when you go into ALIGNMENT mode it shows signal RSSI and power level and the MAC of the AP it is supposed to Register to. But it won’t register.

Anyhow,…if he says there are enough licenses then I’ll try and convince him to let us reboot the server, it’s not doing much good unless we can get clients to register now is it :smiley:


Thanks again

Just got looking at the Event Viewer for are Prizm Sever and found about 50 of the following messege. All of them generated today.

Critical 8/30/06 11:06 PM SYSTEM BAM Restarting BAM subsystem due to inability to communicate with it new

Ideas?? Comments??

hum maybe just turn bam off in the ap and do not use any authinication for a bit and see if it stays up if it does i would suspect authinication problems. wrote:


i have this problem all the time with my bam server (also on linux). I noticed this happens when an authentication request is sent from the ap to the bam, but no response is received i.e the ap doesnt know whether to accept or reject.

A temp fix would be to reboot the AP, this usually solves my problem, but it will be back guaranteed.

I am still unable to find out why this is happening.


I really hope this isn’t a problem with Prizm it’s self. I guess that’s why they say you should have redundent Prizm Servers, thing is…if one is doing it, would the back up do it as well?

We’ll keep trying things and let you know what happens.


Critical 8/30/06 11:06 PM SYSTEM BAM Restarting BAM subsystem due to inability to communicate with it new

Any recent changes to hostname, IP address, firewall settings, etc. on the system hosting your Prizm server? In particular double-check that traffic local to the system on port 60616 is not being blocked. Same checks for your license server(s) and database server should they be hosted on different physical machines from your Prizm server.

If that doesn't help, please also provide any snippet of the /usr/local/Canopy/Prizm/logs/log_#1_bam_engine.txt which appears to be indicating a problem...

I experienced the exact symptoms when I used to use BAM…

I can’t remember where the log file is, but generally an SM will try to register to an AP, the AP will send a request to the BAM/Prism asking if it should authenticate, I guess during this period the SM will continue to try to register and the AP will continue to request authentication from Prism…

there will be a log file, where you can see these requests coming in… reboot Prism and see if it happens again…

Have you added any more AP recently or changed out any APs

Our Netowrk Engineer got things running again. A reboot of Prizm caused a error on started up. I’m not sure what the error was, all I know is that he had to go into the box do some code crunching. I haven’t talked to him yet, but once I get the details from him I’ll post it here.

BTW…tryed rebooting an AP this morning…it had no effect.

There have been no changes to hostname, IP address, firewall settings, etc…everything has been working fine until this little hickup.