BAM .. almost working

OK got the damn thing all compiled and running without errors.

Got the following SM ====> AP=====>BH === > BH ====> BAM_SERVER

I add the SM and the AP into the BAM DB. Switch on Authentication in the AP add in the BAM address.

Reboot AP and I can see the re-reg counts firing up on the AP, See the AP on the SM’s eval data.

But I don’t see anything in /var/log/canopy/canopy.log got a 25 user license but nothing is in the logs. All though Moto support have dedicated alot of time with me on this… we are both out of ideas…

I can telnet to to the AP from BAM, and from the AP can ping the BAM.

Support suggested the FC3 firewall may be causing a prob so i have switched of the iptables service.

I’ve been told that the BAM uses the following ports 9090 1234 60616 61001 9080 but I can’t telnet to these ports on the BAM. The BAM server is not running a Telnet server but that should not make a difference should it. I can still telnet into port 25 (SMTP).

Any pointers… It seems that something (FC3) may be blocking the ports… or the ports are not opening up… how can i check to see if the ports are actually active… ive tried
nmap -St -O localhost and i don’t see any of them in there except the 27000 which is used for license.

Thanks in advance…

Do a tcpdump on the BAM server and filter for the IP number of the AP. Make sure that the BAM server is responding to the AP request from the same ethernet interface that the AP asked for a response from. If it is not, create a route so that it always responds to requests to a certain interface from that same interface.