Is anyone using any bandwidth throttling and regulation software/hardware besides BAM for their Canopy system? I was searching the web and found the following:

It is a piece of hardware that sites between your edge router and your AP cluster and throttles bandwidth via either MAC address or IP address. It’s specs claim that it is compatible with Motorola Canopy systems. I read the PDF and sales lit and its main target market seems to be 802.11 ISPs.

I spoke to a man who has multiple BDU’s at his POPs and he claimed that they have worked flawless for about 3 years now.

I like this alternative opposed to BAM because it is a piece of hardware and does not require any complex and technical software installations on Linux boxes.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or experiences?

Check out:

OK. There is a lot on that web site? What am I looking for?

I have a YDI BCU. Support is terrible. Product works pretty well. It has some quirks working with the Canopy you have to deal with one is that it picks up both the Mac of the private RF interface as well as the public interface when you are running the SM as a Nat router. When we did have a problem with it they would not do an advance replacement and shipped it back to me ground 10 to 15 days after they replaced it. These guys don’t get customer service at all.

Thanks. I was just looking over the specs for the YDI box. If service isn’t in their vocabulary then I’m out.


Thanks for the info. What Canopy/networking equipment do you interface the BCU with in your setup? It says that it is supposed to go between the AP’s and the Internet Router. In our setup, our BH Slave terminates into a Layer-2 Switch, and the switch is connected to FE/0.0 on our Cisco. I am guessing that for the BCU to throttle the traffic in my setup, the BH Slave should terminate in one port, and the other port should be plugged into the Layer-2 Switch.

How are you doing it?


We have the BCU connected to an Adtran Router and the other side connected to the CMM Wan Port.

IMHO the YDI BCU is a waste of money, you can get the software that runs in the BCU (Brilan) here : for less than $400, then ad your favorite piece of pc hardware…

yea, just saved you $1500


Yes we also use the netenforcer for our management. Its pretty much a supped up linux kernel with iptables and a nice gui interface, but it works wonders. They are not cheap, but worth every penny and support is pretty good too.