BAM and licensing

  1. Is it possible to configure the BAM server to move on to the next FLEXnet licensing server if the master server goes down? I don’t recall reading anything about this. Or, should the master licensing server go down are you essentially stuck without a lisencing server?

    2) From my understanding there are three separate licenses involved as far as APs and BAM are concerned.

    a) BAM floating license, which you purchase from a Canopy vendor.
    b) AP floating license, which you once again must purchase from a Canopy vendor
    c) the APAS license… which I am a bit confused on. With recent APs, is this just basically the hardware capacity to do BAM authentication, or is this something I have to purchase separately from the APs/a separate distint version of the AP?

    In addition, you must purchase FLEXnet licenses for each of your licensing servers, or is this included in the cost of the BAM server license?