BAM on FC3 finally works

Ok just to let others know that the BAM2 will work on FC3, it took me 2 days to sort it out but finally did it.

Most of time was wasted on the License Authentication Manager, as you need to get that running before you even try to install BAM, I tried it the other way round, unfortunalely the uninstall script for the LAM are a load of ****, they left lots of files, proecesses and locks so I was never getting a clean install, when i finally worked this out and routed out all the different locations where files were residiing, I folllowed the instructions and it worked.

Just to save you some time in the future, if you are having connectivity problems with the Database look to see if you are using ‘localhost’ either as a webaddress or as a DB, i struggled with this on both occasions ans as soon as i replaced the entries with IP address it all kicked in.

Good luck to all those brave soldiers who take up the challlange…

MRTG is next…