BAM2:canopylogger? How to monitor BAM2.0?

I was just noticing I have this daemon running on my BAM2 setup, called canopylogger. It also has its own log file in /var/log/canopy/canopylogger.log, but there is nothing useful there. Why does it exist?

Further, there doesnt seem to be any useful log information on what the BAM / SSE / Engine is actually doing. The only log with anything useful is canopy.log, which is the FLEXlm log (when your AP or BAM checks out a licence).

In earlier BAM 1.x, there were log files that could be monitored to see authentications (and server failures) as they happen. I see no such log file now.

I’m looking for a log because our BAM2.0 is failing. It works great for about a week, then suddenly the engined/ssed (not sure which) just stops responding to authentication requests. When this happens, I can see the processes still running and there’s nothing new in any of the canopy log files. Simply stop + start both services and its back in business. The big problem is I currently have no way of knowing that it has failed until my customers start calling.

Any suggestions? I’ve got a cron job running nightly now which restarts the services, but I’d rather not rely on that for too long.