Bandiwdth fluctuation / pauses

I have read many posts concerning bandwidth management between BAM, AP, and SM’s. We have a few networks that we operate and one of them does not have a BAM in place. I configured the source to be the AP+SM and hard set the bandwidth in the SM. We have noticed that when sending and receiving files between the customer and our FTP server (sm > ap > server), which is all internal on the network, it seems to burst. I dont mean burst as in burstable bandwidth, but it will flow steady and pause every few seconds. It does this very consistant. My thoughts are that it is the bandwidth throttling mechanism inside the SM that is doing that to restrict the speeds to what is set in the up and down parameters.

Is there a way to get rid of this? Is there a more effecient way? I guess we’ll just open the SM’s up full throttle and put another Packeteer on the backend. Maybe that will get rid of the pauses…

it sounds more like u have a signal issue. whats the jitter/rssi on the sm to the ap?

Everything looks great. Jitter is 2-4, RSSI is 1000, power level is 72, running in 2x mode. Getting 8MB down / 4.5MB up. 100% uplink and downlink.