Bandwidth in PMP450i SM

Hello everyone!
I have deployed more than 100 PMP450i SM. The required bandwidth per SM is 50-60 Mbps. How many PMP450i AP should I use to meet this requirement?
The SM is installed around the AP with a radius of about 400 m to 2.5 km

There are a few variables that you'll need to take into consideration when trying to offer higher throughput 50+mbps tiers:

  • AP Channel width... being able to use a clean 30MHz or even 40MHz channel width will help a lot
  • Keeping the SM's connection quality and modulation high will provide higher aggregate AP throughput
  • Not installing too many subscribers per AP

I'd start off with a 450i AP w/integrated antenna first and try to use a 30 or 40MHz channel width on clean spectrum. StartĀ installing subscribers and watch the AP frame utilization during peak times. Keep adding subscribers until your frame utilization starts to regularly reach at/near 100%. Swap out the 450i for a 450m w/MU-MIMO and continue to add subscribers while watching frame utilization carefully. Repeat this with additional 450i sectors as clean spectrum is available.

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There are also a number of tools to help you with this.

1) LINKPlanner can help if you input the coordinates of the SMs. You can plan the sector and get an accurate view of the throughput it can provide.

2) The Link Capacity Planner Tool is a simpler macro-enhanced excel-based tool that can give you a snapshot of total sector capacity expectations...

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