Bandwidth issues


I am having problems with measured bandwidth across a single pmp320ap to a 3530sm using layer 2 on the ap and nat mode on the sm. My plan is to integrate the pmp320 into our existing canopy network. My problem is I am only seeing 4.5Mbps max in either direction. My AAA settings ( using the internal AAA server) have it set to 45000000 for both the max sustained and the max burst with 4500000 for the minimum commited rate. I have created the service flows using nrt-vs as the sm does not stay registered using best effort or ugs.

Please give suggestions.


What are you using to measure the bandwidth? In my experience with the 320, the only way to fill the pipe and give an accurate reading is to test with iPerf or FTP w/ Multiple Files.

You may also want to check out this PMP 320 Performance Recommendation document:

Specifically if you are using a CMM4 and running Layer 2 bridge mode, you need to upgrade the firmware on the EtherWan switch to v1.91 and disable flow control on the ports that the AP’s are connected to. There is also a bug in the firmware which may result in downstream packet loss for CPEs with a RSSI of -62 to -69.

I am using Iperf with the jperf gui, I am not using this in network yet so the cmm4 issue is not relevent, my test setup looks like this:


using static ip addresses EG for laptop1 for laptop2 for ap for SM

I have kept this as simple as possible to avoide other issues. I am not connected to any other network. so I should see full bandwidth using Iperf. I am not, only seeing 4Mbps and my services flows are set to 25000000 so I should see 25Mbps each way, I do not have any other service flow records and the defaults are pointed and showing that i should be getting 25Mbps

I’m assuming you will have the DL%/UL% set to 75/25? If so and using 1 CPE for testing… you should expect about 20 Mbps DL / 5 Mbps UL.

Check out Page 164 of the PMP 320 Administration and Configuration Guide e2.0.
Setup using the same test parameters and compare your results with the results outlined on Page 165 - 188.

Yes I am set 75/25 using a 10MHz channel with rssi -56 max mode is qam16-5/6 in matrix b, yet im still only getting 4Mbps. My setup is the same as in the book so I can not see why im not getting the through put.

I will be trying another cpe as I may have a defective unit, but i dont think that will solve this issue. Could I be too close? does using the internal AAA server cause through put to be diminished due to processing overhead?

I would reduce the TX on the AP by 15 dBm and retest. You problems may be due to the open issue where there are packet errors in the downlink direction if the CPE is running too hot. When we ran our bench tests, we had the TX power on the AP set all the way down to -20 dBm.

i will try that and get back to you, thx

still not working right, max download is still 4mbps, upload is the same.

I am getting ready to default the pair again and try again.