Another question: how can i determine a standard bandwidth to each SM that is registered on a specific AP.
E.g I have 2 SMs and i want the host behind them to have 1mb (768/256) bandwidth, I have read the user guide about the sustained uplink and downlink but when i run the link test it shows me the default bandwidth rate that i have determined on the AP
E.g 75% Downlink Data from 14mbps (11/3 mbps down/up).

Can anyone guide me how this is possible to be done? without using some kind of a tool (bam).

Thanks for your time.

you can adjust the speed on the SM if you configure the AP to allow it.

configuration source = SM

Speeds set on the config page as desired

you said:

Speeds set on the config page as desired

which parameters should i change the sustained downlink and uplink?

And if i change them how can i see if they had changed??

you see i configure the sm on sustained downlink 768kbps and uplink 256kbps but when i run the link test it gives me the values of the hole channel 14mb.

is there a way, exept the nms tools, to check if the connection of the SM with the AP is on 1mb???

thank for your help.

Try a web based speed test?

I _think_ software version 8.1 had an option to run the link test with/without configured sustained down/uplink.

(I could be wrong on that though - but I thought I saw it on the SM)

a link test wont reflect reduced speeds. like rjk suggested try running a speed test or check the speed on the AP session page.

Thanks for your help.

but i run cacti to see the limited bandwidth.

the last one shows that i have bandwidth limitation but it was easier with cacti.