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Hello … i need help with how to manage bandwidth on cambium radios.

Hi @richoloo_20201, welcome to the Cambium Community. Which family of radios are you working with?

ePMP 2000 and Force 200

OK, thanks. I’ll move this thread into the ePMP forum where it is more likely to be seen by the right people.

Can you provide more details about exactly what you are looking for? I assume when you say bandwidth you are talking about data throughput, rather than radio spectrum?

Thanks Simon…am talking about bandwidth throughput and how to distribute it as per client arrangement.

The best option is to use a billing system connected to a router that performs BRAS functions and limits the subscriber’s bandwidth in accordance with the subscription. With this solution, the end - access equipment performs only transport functions.

If you want to manage all things manually and do shaping on the AP - to do this, you will need to create MIR profiles in QoS and select the profile number on customer SM.

!!! AP side !!!

!!! SM side !!!

You can also enable or disable SM registration on the AP using either RADIUS authorization by MAC address, or manually block the SM in the Wireless MAC Address Filtering on the AP.

all configuration changes can be made via cnMaestro

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As above but if you use radius, you can use the eap-ttls functions to inject the qos package to the AP and to select the qos package in the SM all through radius attributes. This is what we do and is working well. If your billing system can read sql then you can have it make on the fly changes and send a packet of death to stop non pay customers, create near live pacjage changes, private vlans and even data use metrics.

For this we used the sql template from Daloradius, the cambium dictionarys and Freeradius and it has been working great, can set just about any setting you want on the radios at authorization including overriding the local usernames and passwords.
We modified our setup from pppoe to include eap-ttls funtions and the access layer is almost all routed. Just make sure you filter customer local only protocols or you will get various network discovery protocols blasting your network.