Bandwidth Shaping

Is it possible with Motorola gear to shape an SM for say 1.5Mbit down and 256kbps up, but at the same time, if bandwidth is available, allow the SM to burst to 2Mbit and likewise on the upload to say 512kbps?

If so, how can this be accomplished on the SM? I have tried setting Sustained Downlink to 1500 and Sustained Uplink to 256. After that I’ve played with the burst allocation. Then I decided to try experimenting with Committed information rate (CIR) values to no avail.

Again, if this is possible, how would I go about setting it up in the SM? This is 900MHz gear I’m talking about with aggregate throughput of 4mbps.

[edit] In some of my earlier experiences with Sustained settings and Burst settings, I’ve noticed that there was a slight ‘burst’ but it wasn’t sustained. I think I’m just getting the combinations mixed up in the SM configuration between MIR, CIR.

Thanks in advance,


The burst allocation is quantity, not throughput. So if you put 2000kbits in there, you’ll burst until you’ve downloaded 2Meg, and then pop down to the sustained rate. Basically you put in the amount of data you want them to be able to burst, after that they will run at the sustained rate until the bucket refills. See page 371 in the Canopy System User Guide for more explanation and a good chart to illustrate how that works.