bandwidth shaping

We are looking into upgrading our traffic shaper (Packeteer) we have been approached by a swedish company Netintact.

Has anyone ever heard of them, any ideas how they compare to Packeteer ?


Packeteer is top of the line, but I would also switch if the they ( Swedish ) have a lower price than packeteer and keep the same or better performance. Plus the upgrades for new software.

well they are being extremely aggressive… they are willing to give us 30 days of trial and then 60 days to pay for the units.

What kind of prices. Say to cover a T1 worth of traffic.

well they dont care about traffic they license by the number of IP’s so there could be a gotcha… .I haven’t looked at the licensing yet…

but a packetshaper (45MB) would cost about $15k the equiv from this company is at about 7/8k, 30 days trial and 60 days to pay them…

We use the NetEnforcer from Allot. From what I remember their licences are by the throughput - ours is good for 45 Mbps, you can get 10, 45 and 100 I think. The detail it gives on the traffic flow is great - full traffic stats by host, or even protocols per host. Too many options to list here. haha I sound like a salesman. :smiley: Expensive though.