Bandwidth THROUGH-PUT in Advantage Platform AP 2450 & SM


We are one of the customer in India, started recently using Motorola canopy.

As per the web site specifications, Motorola canopy is promissing total through-put of 14 Mbps in case of Point to point for the 2.4 GHz product AP 2450 and SM2450 (subject to distance between the two points is not more than 8 Kms).

When we tested the boxes under the same conditions, but it did not yield successful results.

Our observations:

UPLINK is not crossing 1.4 Mbps
Downlink is reaching up to 5.6 Mbps
Distance between two points is 5 Kms

Please advise us, what are the parameters to be considered to get Maximum through-put of UPLINK and DOWNLINK. At least up to 6 Mbps on each side.

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Hello Kiran,
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Maximum throughput depends on a number of factors:

1. Signal strength at the AP and the SM should be -65dB or better.
2. Background noise level is 10dB below your signal level.
3. Double Rate is enabled on the AP and the SM
4. Double Rate is active between the AP and the SM.

Enabling Double rate is not enough, you must have adequate signal level, and signal level above the noise floor in order to acheive double rate. It it not likely that you will acheive maximum throughput unless you are operating in a very quiet RF environment.

Hai Richardson,

Thank you very much.

How can check the background noise ? is there any option that gives me the result in SM or AP ?

Signal Strength, I am trying through Spectrum Analyzer in SM. Is it right way of checking ?

2Xrate is enabled in both AP and SM.



The signal strength on the Status page of the SM is what we look at. Now that does give you the noise floor, but it will give a good idea as to what is going on.

As well, if you select expanded stats and then click on status again, this will give you an even bigger status page. From here you can see if you are in 2x rate both ways or just one way.

What is your RSSI, Jitter, and Radio Power Level at the SM side?

In addition to looking at the SM spectrum Analysis, you can turn the AP into an SM and also do a spectrum analysis - this will tell you the noise level that the AP sees.

Change the frequency on the AP to the quietest available. This will make a substantial improvement.