Bandwidth/Throughput with 10MBit Backhauls


we have the following setup:

FreeBSD-Router 1 ---- BH1 Master ---- BH2 Slave ---- FreeBSD-Router 2

The link quality is great.

Now I’m measuring the throughput with ‘iperf’ on both sides of the link. The maximum Bandwidth I see is only 3.50 Mbits/sec!

There is no significant difference in Hardware- or Software-Scheduling.

Why is the Bandwidth so small? Any hints?

Kind regards …

Ralf Eisele
eXtension World Wide Connections GmbH

It’s correct. Its 10mbits “over the air”.
A Backhaul 10mbits will have 7mbits aggregate.

That is 3.5up and 3.5down if set at 50%