Barcodes on the SM

I am working for a broadband internet company that currently uses Motorola Canopy radios to provide our customers with internet. We need to use a barcode scanner to create inventory, but we don’t have any information on which code the SM radios use. I have called the Motorola help desk and technical help line mulitple times throughout which i have been told that Motorola does not hold that information. I dont see why Motorola wouldn’t know what code they used on the backs of their products, but evidently I won’t get very far by calling again and again. If anyone has any information on what code is used in motorola barcodes it would be a great help rather than typing serial numbers over and over again consuming time that could rather be used on other more valuable activities.

Thank you for any help you give,
Matthew Peacock

Any standard barcode program should be able to pick it up. There are three barcodes that you can scan for your inventory. A part number code, a MSN (10 alphanumeric characters which start with 606), and the ESN (the MAC address).

If this isnt the case then let us know.