basestation hurting DL CINR on its CPEs

we have one remote basestation with a set of omnis on it… we set the transport power to 26db and we noticed that all of the CPEs were reporting 22 to 24 db CINR… needless to say we can’t get past qam64 2/3 mimo a… RSSI was 55

when we dropped the power to 25 it got a little better, and moved down to 23 db power then the CINR went to 30+ and we got mimo B at 59db…

i replicated this problem with our basestations using the recommended antennas (i know its to loud, i just did it to try and replicate the problem then set the power back down)

anyone else have this problem???

it would be nice to get close to max ERIP out of these small remote sites