Basic E2E Controller Configuration in cnMaestro

This article explains Basic network level configuration after onboarding E2E controller in cnMaestro

Once E2E controller is onboarded in cnMaestro, navigate to 60 GHz cnWave Network>Configuration>Basic. Configure below options as per the requirement and click on Save button

Prefix Allocation

Two options Centralized (enabled by default) and Deterministic are available.

Centralized Prefix Allocation: Centralized prefix allocation is managed by E2E controller. E2E controller does all prefix allocations, which prevents collisions and provide more sophisticated allocation algorithm. This option is recommended for Single PoP network deployment

Deterministic Prefix Allocation: Deterministic prefix allocation is also managed by E2E controller. E2E controller assigns prefixes to nodes based on the network topology to provide an advantage of route summarization and load balance the ingress traffic. This option is recommended for multi PoP network deployment

Seed Prefix and Prefix Length

Seed Prefix: The prefix of the entire 60 GHz CnWave network, is given in CIDR notation. Configure seed prefix manually or optionally generate prefix by click on Generate button. Once it is configured, E2E controller allocates prefixes in CIDR notation to all the 60 GHz cnWave nodes (DNs and CNs) in the network for internal communication.

Prefix Length: Specifies the bit-length of prefixes allocated to each node.

Sample Configuration
Seed Prefix: 3000:1122:1122:1100::/56 (Manually configured)
Prefix Length: 64

Seed Prefix: fd00:ceed:68cd:9600::/56 (Generated)
Prefix Length: 64

Enable Layer 2 Bridge

By default, this option is unchecked. cnWave is a IPv6 only network, by selecting this option, you will be enabling Layer 2 network bridging (via automatically created tunnels) across all nodes connected to a PoP. This will facilitate bridging of IPv4 traffic across the wireless networks.

NOTE: Make sure CPE Interface is disabled on the nodes as this CPE interface will not be part of Layer 2 bridge.


Country for regulatory settings like EIRP limit, allowed channels. By default country is configured as Other. Select the country from the drop down list

Enabled Radio Channels

List of enabled transmission channels for topology. Comma separated values from 1 to 4 ( subject to regulatory).This configuration is used by the E2E controller for auto config override. Channels set manually in the nodes ignore this configuration. This setting is useful especially for PTP and small meshes that use single channel for the entire network. By default channel 2 is configured.

DNS Servers

Comma separated DNS server list using for

  • Resolution of NTP Sever host name. Can be IPv4 when Layer 2 bridge is enabled
  • Given to IPv6 CPE as part of Router advertisement

NTP Server

NTP Server hostnames or IP addresses, comma separated. IPv4 is only supported when Layer 2 Bridge is enabled. All nodes will use this NTP Sever to set the time. Node time is important when 802.1X Radius authentication is used as it requires certificate validation. The time is reflected in the dashboard, time field in the Events section, and Log files.

Sample Configuration: Configure E2E controller IP say 5432::10

Time Zone

Time zone for all the nodes. System time in the dashboard, time field in the Events section, Log files use the timezone.


How do you enable the E2E controller on cnMaestro? The cnMaestro version we have is cnMaestro X Cloud

As of now we are not supporting in cnMaestro X cloud version…