Basic Troubleshooting

Just wondering what stats others are collecting and tell tale signs of issues that arise?  Also what are your install minimums?

On the AP side, there are some good troubleshooting resources under Tools - Monitor - Performance and Wireless tabs. Some items to keep an eye out are the Downlink and Uplink packets per MCS, and the downlink frame utilization on the Performance tab. On the wireless tab, using the sort feature to resort by MCS or SnR can be helpful in identifying SM's that are having issues. To give an example, if you're experiencing heavy interference your MCS rates will plummet, your frame utilization will skyrocket, and you'll see lots of downlink and uplink packets being sent at low MCS rates.

As far as install minimums... we typically try to install clients at no less then -75, ideally with an SnR of 20dB or better. This install minimum also kind of depends on the band, we have more lax requirements with 2.4 because we only put low tier clients on itl, and it's kind of a last ditch effort.