behind a canopy

how can I found out the router behind the canopy SM which is distributing private ip like to his or her network and at the same time other SM are getting IP from this router DHCP which create a problem for them to access the net… How pls help


Why do you want this information? are you talking about the ISP side router or a client who has their router turned around backward?

i seem to remember you can block client DHCP in the radios from broadcasting back over your network.

In the SM block DHCP server

In the SM disable BOOTP Server. Also while in the SM look at the Bridge table, there should be 2 or more MAC address. Look for the a MAC that DOESN’T start with 0A00 or 1A00…that will be the device that is directly connected to the SM. Then if you want the make of the device just do a search on the internet for that MAC address (there are MAC address databases online).

Also if you are running routers at your Towers you can cross-reference that mac with the arp tables in the Router to find the IP address that the device is getting.